Monday, June 18, 2018
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Lansdale Continues Freescale Low Power VCO IC
Low power VCO IC.
Phoenix, AZ — Lansdale Semiconductor, Inc. has single-source rights to both globally market and continue to manufacture Freescale's ML12149, a low power Voltage Controlled Oscillator buffer (VCO) critical in supporting a variety of transceiver applications. It is capable of high frequency signal generation up to 1.3Ghz.

An external tank circuit is used to determine the desired frequency of operation and can be used with an emitter PLL IC such as the ML12210, a 1.1Ghz frequency synthesizer to form a complete PLL sub-system. Typical current consumption of 15mA at 3.0V makes it attractive for battery operated handheld systems.

The device has three high-frequency outputs which make it useful for transceiver applications which require a transmit and receive local oscillator (LO) signal as well as a lower amplitude signal to drive the prescaler input of the frequency synthesizer. The ML12149 is available in a surface mount SO-8 package.

Lansdale's exclusive product life cycle management system is a quality control system that guarantees form, fit, and function equal to the original manufacturer's design specifications. This model has become increasingly important as the growth of the counterfeit industry has exacerbated the problem of maintaining a reliable source of components for long-life systems.

According to the company, with counterfeit electronic components becoming more of a global industry nightmare, the company's 50 years of product life cycle management, support and manufacturing using only the OEM's original tooling has become even more critical in today's market. This assures a continuous source of high performance legacy ICs to the worldwide electronics market for devices that have been discontinued by their original manufacturer.

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