Thursday, May 24, 2018
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Europlacer Intros Automatic Storage and Retrieval Cabinet
Automated storage/retrieval cabinet.
Dorset, UK — Europlacer, a manufacturer of flexible SMT placement machines, has finalized an OEM partner agreement with IEMME SPA, headquartered in Varese, Italy to offer its full range of Automated Storage Solutions.

This electronic storage and retrieval cabinet is more than a cabinet and software; it is a strategic solution and is the best complement to Europlacer's SMT Stock Management solution.

The Lzero3 configurable cabinet has the flexibility to be adapted and tailored to fit a company's particular production process. In addition, it delivers up to 2083 unique SMT reels. Lzero3 can be adapted in many combinations permitted by the total given dimension of the cabinet. Each system provides for humidity control to maintain RH <5 percent, and, both humidity and temperature are tracked in real-time based on user controlled set-points.

Benefits of the warehouse management system include integrated barcode scanner registration, multiple loading and retrieval, reel and tray traceability, "absolute" FIFO prioritization retrieval, job order management and functional touch-screen software.

In addition, the cabinet monitors storage location, traces real-time stock movements and provides advanced features that re-allocate reels that are already in use in production for ongoing use. All relevant component data information can be managed (date code, part-number, batch ID, supplier, manufacturer, etc.) and automatic minimum stock is monitored. Environmental controls are consistent with moisture-sensitive levels defined in the IPC/JEDEC's J-STD-20. Europlacer and IEMME SPA are developing an advanced software interface which provides extraordinary efficiency when employed as an accessory with the Europlacer line.

Contact: Europlacer North America, 5804 E. Breckenridge Blvd., Tampa, FL 33610 813-246-9500 fax: 813-246-9595 Web:

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