Tuesday, May 22, 2018
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Engineered Material Systems Intros Dry Film Photoresist
Film photoresist creates microfluidic channel.
Delaware, OH — Engineered Material Systems, Inc., a supplier of negative photo resist materials for MEMs and IC cooling applications, has introduced its DF-3020 Dry Film Negative Photoresist for use in micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS). This material formulation has been optimized for hot roll lamination and processing on MEMS and IC wafers.

DF-3020 is available for sampling in 20µm thickness, ±1µm and can be manufactured from 5 to 25µm thick. The cured chemistry can withstand harsh environments including resistance to extreme moisture conditions and corrosive chemicals. The DF-3020 film is tougher (less brittle) than most negative photoresists on the market with a glass transition temperature of 165°C (by DMA Tan Delta) and a moderate modulus of 4 GPa at 25°C. The cured chemistry is hydrophobic in nature, providing chemical and moisture resistance. DF-3020 is compatible with and can be used in contact with the EMS line of spin coatable photoresists. DF-3020 is the latest addition to the company's full line of film and liquid negative photo resists formulated for making microfluidic channels on MEMS devices and integrated circuits.

Contact: Engineered Materials Systems, Inc., 132 Johnson Dr., Delaware, OH 43015 740-362-4444 fax: 740-362-4433 Web:

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