Thursday, June 21, 2018
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EADS Intros New Family of Mainframes
VXI mainframe.
Irvine, CA — EADS North America Test and Services, a division of EADS North America, has introduced the new Racal Instruments 1263 series of VXI 4.0 mainframes. Superior power, higher speed, and enhanced cooling capabilities make these mainframes suitable for housing the latest generation of high-performance VXI

instruments,including high-power digital test instruments. These 13-slot mainframes are fully compliant with VXI-1 Revision 4.0, the latest revision to the VXIbus specification. With a 26-year history, the VXIbus continues to be the leading modular instrument test platform.

The new high power mainframes deliver up to 3.8kW of power to the VXI modules and incorporate more powerful 5-row backplane connectors that enable parallel data transfer up to 320MB/s with 2eSST protocol.

Up to 1200 Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) of cooling airflow, optimized internal airflow design, and automatic fan control enable even high-powered digital test instruments to reliably operate within a 1263HPf or 1263HPr mainframe. Programmable alarms and remote LAN monitoring of fan speed, individual rail voltages and intake/exhaust temperatures can be used to protect valuable VXI instrumentation installed within.

Variants of the 1263 series of VXI 4.0 mainframes include the 1263HPf, a front-maintainable, high power chassis, the 1263HPr, a rear-maintainable, high power chassis, and the 1263MPf, a medium power, front-maintainable chassis. The 1263MPf offers many of the same features and benefits of the high power mainframe, including compliance with the latest revision to the VXIbus 4.0 specification (VXI-1 revision 4.0), but with 1.7kW of maximum backplane power for medium power applications. In addition, the unit's VXI 4.0 backplane is fitted with VXS serial fabric connectors and a switch slot for use with up to 8 bi-directional lanes of PCI Express and/or other buses. Front-maintainable versions of the 1263 series have the power supply and/or fans located in a front drawer that is easily removable, speeding service and repairs.

Contact: EADS North America Test and Services, 4 Goodyear, Irvine, CA 92618 949-859 8999 fax: 949-859-7139 Web:

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