Sunday, May 27, 2018
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Blackfox Trains Vets for Aerospace Jobs
Longmont, CO — Blackfox Training Institute LLC has officially launched a new program to prepare veterans for employment in the Aerospace Industry. Approval under the provisions of "Title 38, United States Code" and recognition by the State of Colorado as an approved private occupational school qualifies Blackfox as a training center for eligible veterans wanting to use their GI Bill for educational benefits.

Blackfox recently formed a partnership with the Colorado State Department of Labor and Employment Veterans Services in order to help find potential employers interested in hiring successful graduates of the Veterans Training Program. The comprehensive five-week program held at one of the Blackfox training facilities in Longmont, CO prepares graduates with four IPC Certifications and eight Blackfox Skill Certifications. On Veterans Day (November 11, 2013) approximately 15 veteran graduates of the program were hired by a local Aerospace Company and positioned for a long-term successful career. Also on that same day, 15 to 24 veterans began another training session that would to employment in the Aerospace Industry.

Contact: Blackfox, 701 Delaware Ave., Unit B, Longmont, CO 80501 888-837-9959 or 303-684-0135 fax: 303-485-5504 E-mail: Web:

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