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Complicated Is Better

Walter Salm, Editor
The commercial jet that landed at the wrong airport recently, with a dangerously short runway, makes me wonder why the flight crew wasn't using the automated landing system that would have clued in the pilots very quickly that they were heading for the wrong airport. This kind of stupid error was just so easy to avoid because no one thought to use the automated system for the final approach. Visual flight rules were being used, and this is something that can be chancy at best, given our crowded and over-busy airports and metro areas.

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It Only Gets Better

Jacob Fattal, Publisher
There is never a shortage of important trade shows, and as we head into a new year, we are already running to keep up with a very full schedule. At press time, we were anticipating a bigger than ever MD&M/Electronics West in Anaheim (see Product Preview Page 70), followed closely by the newest iteration of APEX in Las Vegas in March. This year's APEX Expo signals a new kind of schedule: 2 years in Las Vegas, then back to San Diego for another 2 years. Each city has its special attractions, but on the whole, we prefer San Diego because the anticipated life style isn't quite so frantic.

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