Monday, May 28, 2018
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New member added to the Balluff Group
NEUHAUSEN, GERMANY - TM Sensor Technologie München GmbH (STM) recently joined the Balluff Group. As development and technology partners in the area of specialty photoelectric sensors, the companies are connected by a long-standing cooperation venture.

With the integration of Balluff STM, the area of sensor miniaturization for industrial automation will be further expanded. "Thanks to the concentration of our competencies in this area we are able to offer our customers extended and integral solutions", states Florian Hermle, Balluff Managing Director.

There will also be synergy effects and new potential for production. For instance, Balluff STM has a patented production process in photoelectric precision sensor systems. A big strength of the Bavarian company is the production of photoelectric sensors for use in the cleanroom environment and in high vacuums, such as those used in the semi-conductor industry.

Michael Unger, Management Spokesperson of Balluff GmbH, sees huge opportunities in the modular product structure. "With Balluff STM we are able to provide an impressive variety of customer-specific solutions in a fast and flexible manner." As a result of the integration, there is also considerable development and expansion potential for the company in important growth markets for Balluff such as the Life Science industry, including medical technology, or in the area of laboratory automation.

As Vice President of Business Development, Edgar Melzner, founder and previous owner, will continue to be responsible for the development and the customer-specific adaptations of the STM product range at the Neubiberg site. He places great trust in the cooperation venture. Through the intensive exchange of information and ideas, the long-standing cooperation venture and the personal contact, we know that we share the same vision and ideas."

Pictured above: Florian Hermle, Managing Director Balluff GmbH and Balluff STM GmbH

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