Friday, April 20, 2018
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Astrodyne Preview: 400 Watt 3×5 Series for Medical and Industrial Use.
MANSFIELD, MA - Astrodyne Corporation, a leading supplier of specialized power solutions to the medical, industrial, military/aerospace and communications markets, is excited to give readers a sneak peek of what’s coming out in the First Quarter for 2014! They plan to introduce the ASM400 Series for Medical and Industrial market.

The ASM400 series has a compact, high density design with a whopping 19W/in3 in an open frame 3×5 inch form factor (400W @ 250LFM, 40°C, 250W with natural convection, 40°C). The series is less than 1U high -1.4in. It is designed to meet EN60601-1 3rd edition and has a Class 2 option for home use.

ASM400 offers a variety of Output ranging from 12 – 54 Volts and meets the EN 60601-1-2 conducted emissions. The series has an isolated 5V standby and 12V fan output. It also features a Low Leakage current design. This product uses highly advanced power conversion topologies to provide optimum efficiency and performance
- Compact, high density design – 19W/in³
- Standard 3 in. x 5 in. footprint
- Less than 1U high – 1.4 in.
- High Efficiency – Up to 94%
- Designed to meet EN60601-1 3rd edition
- Class 2 (home use) version option
- BF and CF- leakage current options
- Meets EN 60601-1-2 Conducted emissions
- Isolated 5V standby and 12V fan output
- Remote On/Off and Power Okay signals

CONTACT: Corporate Sales Office  Mansfield, MA Ph: 800-823-8082 Fax 508-339-0375

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