Saturday, June 23, 2018
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PROMATION Debuts Manual Slide Lines and Auto Wave Loading

KENOSHA, WIA leader in the field of PCB Handling Equipment, Robotic Soldering Systems, Automated Label Placement and other complimentary Custom Automation, PROMATION introduces the EAC-7000 and ETF-700 systems for hand assembly directly into a wave.

The EAC-7000 is a manual slide line system comprised of a free rolling steel bearing transport that allows PCBs or pallets to glide from operator to operator. Available in both 15° and 0° rail sets, each operator has an ESD ground port, angled parts tray, overhead light and foot board. The low-profile front fascia provides operator comfort and additional leg room. A standard clip rail is included for hanging instructions or LCDs (on swing arms) may be added for instructional display.

When configured with the ETF-700 (auto wave loader) the last operator can manually slide the PCB or pallet to activate the entrance sensor and the ETF will accept the product, lower, angle (to match the wave) and then transfer the product. This process function reduces the possibility of rocking hand inserted components since the PCB or pallet is seamlessly transferred.

For more information on the EAC-7000 and ETF-700 hand assembly solutions visit the company’s Web site at or contact directly at 262-764-4832

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