Sunday, June 24, 2018
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Balluff offers new industrial Ethernet cables

FLORENCE, KY - Industrial Ethernet is growing as the accepted network in the industrial environment due to its speed and data visibility. While Cat5E is the base requirement for industrial Ethernet, when working with a specific network like EtherNet/IP or PROFINET, higher requirements are a must with the components in the network. What really helps or hinders the quality of the network is the cables - they connect everything together. Available with M12 D-coded and/or RJ45 connectors, Balluff’s 4 conductor cables are great for almost any industrial Ethernet application.

Features of Balluff’s Industrial Ethernet Cables:
- PUR Shielded Starquad Flex 2 million
- Suitable for Profinet network
- 4 pole, 22 AWG
- Halogen Free

TPE Shielded Flex 5 million
- ODVA compliant, Cat5e rated
- Chemical, Oil and UV resistant
- 600V Rated, 2 pair 24 AWG

PVC Shielded STP
- Shielded (F/UTP) Flexible patch/jumper cable
- Cat5e rated
- Fire and chemical resistance

TPE Unshielded Flex 10 million
- ODVA compliant, Cat5e rated
- Fire, UV and low temperature performance
- Mechanical and Chemical resistance

TPE Shielded STP 2 pair: FT1
- Basic Ethernet cable
- 2 pair, 22 AWG
- FT1 rated

Click here for more information on Balluff’s selection of Ethernet cables.

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