Sunday, June 17, 2018
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ACE receives order for KISS-105IL from Evertz Microsystems
SPOKANE VALLEY, WA ACE Production Technologies, Inc., a leading supplier of selective soldering systems, has announced that Evertz Microsystems has purchased a KISS-105IL large format selective soldering system.

The new KISS-105IL selective soldering system will be installed at the Evertz Microsystems manufacturing facility located in Burlington, Ontario, Canada which supplies assembled printed circuit boards to other Evertz locations throughout Europe, North America and Asia.

“The KISS-105IL is capable of soldering printed circuit boards up to 28” x 36” (700mm x 900mm) and can handle the size and weight of large backplanes and other oversized products,” said Alan Cable President of ACE Production Technologies.  “When equipped with a topside preheater the KISS-105IL can achieve Class 3 solder joints on printed circuit boards with a thickness of up to 0.480” (12mm).”

Cable added, “The KISS-105IL is a fully-configured SMEMA compatible selective soldering platform equipped with “Super Quick” motion.  Rapid setup time and reduced time to achieve first production are expedited with the intuitive off-line programming software for ease of use.  Other innovative features include program controlled conveyor width adjustment, positive PCB locating and flattening, automatic fiducial alignment and skew correction.”

Evertz Microsystems is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of audio and video infrastructure equipment for the television broadcast andfilm industry.  Their product range includes routers, modular infrastructure equipment, radio frequency products, multi-views and video replay systems that are distributed worldwide.

About ACE

ACE Production Technologies, Inc. designs and builds simple and affordable selective soldering and lead tinning systems suitable for lead-free and tin-lead electronics assembly.  ACE’s complete line of rugged and reliable selective soldering systems all feature lead-free compatible solder pots and are ideal for low to medium volume assembly.  ACE also provides solderability testing, lead tinning services and process development services.  For more information, visit, call 509-924-4898 or email


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