Saturday, June 23, 2018
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Candor boosts AOI with Camtek Orion PX System
TORONTO, CANADA -Canadian-based circuit board manufacturer, Candor Industries has recently upgraded their automated optical inspection (AOI) capabilities with the installation of the Camtek Orion PX System.

The Orion PX system is specially engineered to meet high-end PCB inspection requirements (starting at 1.2(30μ) line/space) and combines both scanning and verification processes into a single cycle. Fine-tuned motion control, precise detection ability, and optimized efficiency will allow Candor to perform detailed mid-to-mass production AOI, delivering throughput of up to 200 sides per hour.

Additional benefits the Orion PX System will allow Candor include:

  • Multi-zone detection, mixed units in the same panel and simple set-up for multi-lines/spaces provides high detection functionality.
  • Speeds processes by inspection and verification y of both sides of panel.
  • Improves registration detection and eliminate false alarms related to panel dimensional variation.
  • Combined optical, illumination and software components enhance the inspection performance with FLEX applications.
  • DSTF, Double Treated, White Teflon, Rogers and other low contrast material detection.

Sunny Patel, QMR/Technical Sales Manager for Candor, states, “Our new system is 10 times faster than its predecessor with the capability of detecting 1.5 mil lines and space. With the implementation of the Orion PX System, Candor will be able to deliver quality multilayer boards with added complexity to our customers with ease.”

For more information about Candor, visit them on the web at or contact Yogen Patel at (416) 736-6306.

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