Friday, May 25, 2018
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Baja Bid Helps Turn Excess Assets Into Profit
ODESSA, FL - Online asset management and auction company, Baja Bid is currently seeking sellers that may possess excess SMT equipment or unused electronic manufacturing & assembly assets that needs to be liquidated. Qualifying candidates typically possess used equipment in good condition that is being upgraded, occupying valuable production space or costing the seller reoccurring storage fees. Baja Bid helps sellers eliminate storage while turning these items into profit through their asset liquidation and auction programs.
The company is offering sellers attractive incentives, including zero seller's commission and unique cash-back rewards depending on the size of the asset liquidation project.
Baja Bid President, Arlin Horsley states, "We're always looking for new partnerships so we can do what we do best, provide our sellers with the means to get the most from their unused assets."

For more information about selling equipment or Baja Bid's online auctions services call Arlin Horsley at 813-992-2437 or email

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