Saturday, June 23, 2018
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Join Metcal for the 2014 Tour to Unlock the Challenges of Rework

GARDEN GROVE, CA Metcal today announced the schedule for its Advanced Package Rework and Repair seminars during the first half of 2014. The seminars will address the latest techniques to rework and repair a variety of applications and provide keys to unlock the challenges of rework.

The workshop will include multi-media presentations, hands-on demonstrations and instruction as well as a Question and Answer session to conclude. Applications and topics include rework approaches for: PoP/QFN/QFP/0201/LED/PTH. The afternoon is open for additional rework application questions and attendees are welcome to bring in boards. The Metcal tour is scheduled in the following areas:

  • Feb 20: Huntsville, AL
  • March 5/6: Santa Clara, CA
  • March 11: Dallas, TX
  • March 13: Austin, TX
  • April 15: District of Columbia area
  • Late April: San Diego or Tijuana area
  • Early May: Chicago, IL
  • Early May: Minneapolis, MN
  • Late May: Boston, MA
  • Late May: Long Island, NY
  • Early June: Portland, OR
  • Mid-June: Guadalajara, Mexico

Space is limited and the registration fee is $49 per person. The first 20 registrants will be admitted FREE at each location!  Click here to register today.

For more information, visit

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