Friday, May 25, 2018
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PROMATION Offers Large PCB and Backplane Handling Solutions

KENOSHA, WI —  A leader in the field of PCB Handling Equipment, Robotic Soldering Systems, Automated Label Placement, and other complimentary Custom Automation, PROMATION Inc. introduces new solutions for handling large/heavy PCBs and backplanes.

Using 10 mm wide positive track ESD belts (capped to 3 mm edge contact), PROMATION conveying solutions are capable of transporting up to 40 lb PCB and backplane panels that range up to 30" in width to 36" in length. Other solutions include vertical buffering, turns, accumulation and more.

If you currently hand carry boards around the factory, consider a hands-free approach to  production and reduce risk while improving quality.

CONTACT: Ph:  262-764-4832

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