Friday, April 20, 2018
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GLASGOW, SCOTLAND, UK  - Teknek, a global leader in yield improvement and contact cleaning technology, has launched a new initiative which will boost its market presence in Asia.
Called Asia First, the program aims to grow revenues in the region to £10m in the next five years. It will see the Glasgow-based company move from a UK company that exports to a truly international business with production in the UK. At the heart of this program is a realization that to truly succeed in Asia, the entire organisation has to become more attuned to the needs and practices of Asia.

Stephen Mitchell, managing director of Teknek said: “Asia First will drive best practice across the company and make things easier for its staff to work between Scotland and Asia. As part of a major new initiative, staff in Scotland will not only learn the Chinese language, but also about Asian culture. In addition our Asian staff will visit Scotland more often to share their experience, and help shape the Asian strategy. This includes explaining everything from business practices to the meaning behind local holidays, such as the dragon and moon festival. The aim is to both respect and celebrate cultural differences, which will build understanding and improve communication.”

He added: “Everyone in the company is being made aware of the huge opportunities that lie in the growth markets that also include Japan, Korea and Taiwan.”

Teknek's Asia Regional Manager, Douglas Gray, who was posted with his family to Shanghai, China, to drive this growth, commented: "At the heart of our work, we aim to make this great company to be seen as a local company in every market. We need to understand and celebrate our differences so that we can grow. This ranges from local product needs to tackling misunderstandings about food and culture".
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