Wednesday, May 23, 2018
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SIPLACE placement machine portfolio: Faster, more flexible and more accurate

SIPLACE placement machines occupy the top spots in terms of performance, flexibility and accuracy.

MUNICH, GERMANY - Flexibility, performance and accuracy – SIPLACE placement machines occupy the top spots in all three of these critical disciplines. For example, the improved version of the SIPLACE X4i S sets a new record with a rating of 150,000 cph (components per hour). And unique interchangeable gantries, new options and software modules for accelerated NPI processes and innovative setup changeover concepts further solidify the unique position of the SIPLACE platform in terms of flexibility and scalability. The SIPLACE CA combines flip chip, die attach and SMT processes in a single machine and operates with an accuracy of 10µm at 3 sigma (MAC test).

“We are actually able to demonstrate the respectively fastest, most accurate and most flexible placement solutions. This further underlines our position as the industry’s technology leader. Boosted by working together with the developers at ASMPT, our SIPLACE development teams have made many improvements in the latest generations of our SIPLACE platforms,” says Gabriela Reckewerth, Global Marketing Director at ASM Assembly Systems. “As a result, we offer the youngest and most modern portfolio of placement solutions. This gives us top benchmark ratings and provides our customers with significant competitive advantages. With our SIPLACE software suite we flexibly integrate the performance of our placement machines into customer-specific processes and create consistent workflows for all users on the production floor. This optimizes our customers’ productivity and gives them a sustainable competitive advantage.”

The fastest...

Equipped with the fast 20-nozzle SIPLACE SpeedStar head, the SIPLACE X4i S is setting new records with speeds of up to 150,000 cph. The new SIPLACE flagship positions the SIPLACE X-Series as the platform of choice for demanding high-volume applications. But since flexibility plays an increasingly important role in this segment as well, the SIPLACE X-Series offers not only options like the SIPLACE Glue Feeder, Linear Dip Unit and support for PoP placement applications. The new version also features SIPLACE’s interchangeable gantries, giving manufacturers new options in responding flexibly to changing demand levels.

The most flexible...

For the flexible on-demand production of small and medium lot sizes, the highly flexible SIPLACE SX is the solution of choice, because its gantries, including placement heads can be easily added or removed by the user. This makes it possible to flexibly transfer placement performance capability between lines or temporarily rent gantries when short-term demand peaks make this feasible. These features are complemented by the SIPLACE MultiStar placement head, which can switch between three modes (Collect & Place, Pick & Place and Mixed Mode) in response to software commands and is able to handle an extremely broad spectrum of component sizes and types. SIPLACE hardware and software options also make it easy to establish consistent NPI processes, letting you push new products out the door much more quickly and reliably than before.

The most accurate...

Directly from the wafer or from the tape – the SIPLACE CA (which stands for “chip assembly”) combines flip chip, die attach and SMT processes on a single platform. It allows electronics producers to respond to the rising demand for bare die processing and use the high performance of the SIPLACE CA for regular SMT production when these special capabilities are not needed. With an accuracy rating of 10 µm at 3 sigma, the SIPLACE CA leaves nothing to be desired in terms of quality.

SIPLACE placement machines occupy the top spots in terms of performance, flexibility and accuracy.

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