Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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Datest Turns 30 in 2014

FREMONT, CA  — Datest, a recognized leader in PCBA testing, test engineering, and inspection services, commemorates 30 years in business in 2014. Over the past 30 years, the company has added a range of world-class testing equipment, while building a reputation as the industry experts for testing and training. Additionally, Datest is innovating bonepile recovery, rehabilitation and analysis of failed PCBAs to deliver key results to the industry with its award-winning Bonepile Rehabilitation Service.

“Our services have significantly evolved in pace with our industry over the past 30 years,” acknowledges Robert Boguski, Datest’s President. “What started as a small ICT programming operation in 1984 has grown to today’s multi-platform, multi-skillset test engineering facility, offering a wide variety of test and inspection applications for diverse and demanding requirements. For example, where once we handled only the front end of board production testing, by means of ICT of product fresh ‘off-the-line,’  today we handle the back end as well through our failure analysis and bonepile rehabilitation services. Our willingness to evolve, adapt and grow with ever-changing industry requirements positions Datest well for the next 30 years.”

An ISO9001- and AS9100-certified provider, Datest is the first test services company in the United States to fully integrate the latest SPEA 4060 double-sided flying probe tester with the latest Goepel boundary scan tools. This integration provides crucial benefits, such as increased digital test and fault coverage as well as significant time savings using automatic diagnostics. Combining advanced test platforms (flying probe, X-ray, boundary scan and ICT) with 30 years' experience, Datest delivers superior value-added services.

Datest has been providing the CM/EMS as well as the OEM community with advanced, integrated PCBA testing and inspection services since 1984. The company offers in-circuit testing (ICT) and test development (hardware and software) for all major ICT platforms (Agilent 3070, GenRad, and Teradyne). Additionally, Datest augments ICT with SPEA Flying Probe testing, Agilent 5DX and Dage Ruby 2D X-ray with X-Plane Technology, benchtop boundary scan, and functional testing.

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