Thursday, May 24, 2018
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Symprotek Boosts Manufacturing Capacity with APEX FA

MILPITAS, CA - Symprotek was established in 1994 to provide Electronic Manufacturing Services in Silicon Valley, with resources to develop OEM concepts from design through to successful product commercialization.  Specializing in the design and manufacturing of printed circuit boards, and with supply chain services to provide End-of-Life product support, Symprotek’s customer base now includes Military, Medical, RF Systems, Semiconductor Equipment, Test and Measurement, and Telecommunication Systems OEMs.   Their most recent expansion of SMT capacity was not an overnight decision.  They conducted an exhaustive search over a 2 year period.

Harry La, Vice President of Operations at Symprotek, explained.   “Much has changed since we last invested in a new SMT line, so we really wanted to take the time to investigate and talk to a lot of different manufacturers.  After an exhaustive comparative process, the choice was clear to us, the turn key SMT solutions from Apex Factory Automation offered the best value for capability and price.”

Mr. La continued.  “During our research, we found the Mirae mounter to be the most robust and reliable pick and place, incredibly accurate over many years, and also simply the most attractive price point.” 

“The SJ Inno Tech 3D printer was the other item that we simply fell in love with.  Full 3D paste inspection at incredibly fast inspection speeds.  That printer now provides us full inline inspection capability with a single user interface, without creating a bottle neck in our production line”.

In addition to the SJ Inno Tech HP-520SPI and convection reflow from TSM, the new line includes Mirae Mx400L and Mx400LP placement machines.   Linear motors are at the heart of the speed and precision exhibited by these versatile and scalable systems. 

Mirae Corporation claims it was the first in the world to introduce the Linear Motor to the Pick and Place machine.  Semiconductor industry veterans since 1983, Mirae recognized very early, clear advantages of the technology.  They created the LMT (Linear Motor Technology ) Division to develop it as a standard feature in all their Pick and Place machines, and successfully engineered Linear Motors into a cost efficient alternative to the ball screw and belt drives that dominated the industry at the time.  Mirae now sells Linear Motor technology worldwide to a wide variety of industries. They currently hold 68 domestic patents and 17 foreign patents for their Linear Motor Technology.

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