Thursday, May 24, 2018
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ACE announces groundbreaking maintainable drop-jet flux dispenser

SPOKANE VALLEY, WA ACE Production Technologies, Inc., a leading supplier of selective soldering systems, announces its groundbreaking automated drop-jet fluxing head that is fully maintainable and available on all KISS selective soldering machines providing precise on-demand application of flux with no overspray for true no-clean processing.

A considerable advantage of the ACE drop-jet fluxing head is that it features rugged yet simple construction that outperforms all other applicators by handling a wide range of flux chemistries including low pH fluxes down to 2.0 as well as fluxes with solids content as high as 35%.  ACE is able to provide this unique drop-jet flux dispenser since all engineering, design and fabrication is under the direct control of ACE as opposed to simply being a purchased off-the-shelf item.

Unlike competitive drop-jet spray fluxers, the ACE drop-jet fluxing head is fully compatible with all known flux chemistries including alcohol-based fluxes, water-soluble fluxes and rosin-based fluxes.  Some competitive drop-jet spray fluxers have incompatibility problems with both water-soluble fluxes and fluxes with solids content greater than 7%.  In some instances the warranty for certain competitive drop-jet spray fluxers may be voided if these drop-jet spray fluxers are used for high solids content fluxes, water-soluble or rosin-based fluxes.  All of these flux types can be used successfully with the ACE drop-jet flux dispenser.

Because of its modular design, the ACE drop-jet fluxing head is fully maintainable.  The internal jetting cartridge is easily removed for cleaning without complex or expensive tools which is a significant advantage over competitive non-repairable drop-jet spray fluxers.  The ACE drop-jet flux dispenser is available with a standard 130 micron orifice diameter with other custom orifices available.  The standard orifice produces an adjustable 2-4mm flux drop size that is ideal for microscopic deposition for the smallest selective soldering sites without flux residues.

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