Saturday, April 21, 2018
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Etek Europe Ltd. Appointed Worldwide Distributor for Mossman Tebbs Ltd.

Lewis Haldane, Etek Regional Sales, and Mark Ellis, Sales & Marketing Director of Mossman Tebbs Ltd.

SCOTLAND, UK Etek Europe Ltd., a leading supplier of products and services to the European electronic manufacturing industries, is proud to announce that it has been appointed as worldwide distributor for Mossman Tebbs Ltd.

This cooperation brings together two great companies – Mossman Tebbs, a quality manufacturer of PCB electronic storage equipment, and Etek Europe, one of Europe's largest distribution networks.   Etek Europe will represent Mossman Tebbs’ complete line of trolleys, storage racks and work stations worldwide.

“We felt that the Mossman Tebbs brand needed more presence throughout Europe and  beyond,” says Mark Ellis, Sales & Marketing Director of Mossman Tebbs Ltd. “By engaging Etek Europe Ltd., with an infrastructure in territories beyond the UK, the brand can not only prosper, but it will allow development of new products within the range. We feel very excited by this agreement,” continued Ellis.

About Mossman Tebbs Ltd

Mossman Tebbs Ltd, part of the Metal Craft Group, was incorporated in 2012 to provide a clear identity for the PCB Handling and Storage Equipment being manufactured by Metal Craft Industries UK Ltd for many years previous.

Manufactured under the trade name of Mossman Tebbs, this equipment is high in quality and provides easy to use solutions that create greater efficiencies, higher productivity and increased profits.

Over the past year, Mossman Tebbs Ltd had a strategic review of the ‘Mossman Tebbs’ range of PCB Handling and Storage Equipment. This extensive review has culminated in Mossman Tebbs Ltd agreeing a ‘distributor’ agreement with Etek Europe Ltd.

For further details on the Mossman Tebbs range of equipment please visit  .

About Etek Europe Ltd

Etek Europe is firmly established as a quality provider of products and services to the Aerospace, Automotive, Defence, Medical and European Electronic Manufacturing Industries.

With over 1,300 Customers Etek has built its success on strong relationships with both Customers and Suppliers, which ensures it continues to deliver the latest premium solutions at a highly competitive price.

With a Team of Factory Trained and experienced Engineers, Etek are able to provide first class Service and Support that focuses on quick response times, clear communication and complete Customer Care. 

For more information, visit ETEK Europe’s websites for a full list of Products and Services or call us directly on 01292 834000.

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