Friday, May 25, 2018
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SIPLACE Material Manager
The SIPLACE Material Manager closes the gap between the ERP system and the shop floor.
MUNICH, GERMANY - ASM Assembly Systems is expanding its SIPLACE software suite with the SIPLACE Material Manager. The new program communicates with popular ERP systems and enhances them with special functionalities for SMT-specific material logistics. On the production side, the SIPLACE Material Manager works with software modules like the SIPLACE Setup Center to improve the material management in electronics production. It administers SMT materials on the package level across multiple storage locations, generates pick lists, controls warehouse systems from Kardex and other manufacturers, monitors MSD exposure times and accepts consumption data directly from the SIPLACE machines. Thanks to its modular design, the software can be quickly installed with basic functionalities and subsequently expanded by adding more modules. SIPLACE Material Manager closes the gap between the ERP system and the shop floor, optimizes material logistics via consistent workflows, and minimizes material-related production stops.

Material-related production stops continue to be everyday occurrences in many electronics plants. At the same time, optimizing your material flow management becomes increasingly important as the number of setup and product changeovers keeps rising. ASM Assembly Systems finally closes this gap between the ERP system and the shop floor by interfacing with the ERP system on one side and SIPLACE Setup Center and other modules from the SIPLACE software suite on the other side. It transparently captures inventories in the main component warehouse as well as in the setup preparation area and on the SMT lines via unique IDs down to the package level. From a production and planning perspective, this is a huge advantage compared with ERP systems, which capture only total inventory numbers and not the items’ individual distribution over reels or other packages.

In the receiving department, the system provides support with data import out of the ERP system, UID assignments and label printing. On the withdrawal side, it creates path-optimized pick lists and lets users verify withdrawals by scanning the items. A special strength of the SIPLACE Materials Manager is its ability to control automatic component storage systems, as well as the management of moisture-sensitive devices.

Integration creates consistent workflows

The SIPLACE Material Manager becomes even more powerful when it interacts with other modules in the SIPLACE software suite. For example, the pick lists are based on the production schedule of SIPLACE Pro or are already aggregated for material withdrawals based on setup families that have been created with SiCluster Professional. The setup preparation area benefits from the SIPLACE Material Manager as well, because it keeps track of feeders and components in the Active Feeder Rack. SIPLACE Material Setup Assistant controls the LED signals and provides guidance for the operators as they set up and tear down the changeover tables. They indicate whether the component should be returned to the main component warehouse or whether the components are needed in one of the upcoming production jobs and should therefore remain in the setup preparation area.

“Many ERP systems are unable to handle the SMT-specific characteristics of a working material logistics system in an electronics plant. I am not even talking about keeping track of exposure times for MSDs – many ERP systems provide only little assistance, if you want to perform a check on basis of actual setup schedules. The SIPLACE Material Manager closes these gaps, because our software keeps track of materials on the package level. In electronics production, it makes a huge difference whether I have 10,000 components in stock on a single reel or split across five reels,” explains Hubert Egger, Head of Product Marketing Software at ASM Assembly Systems. “With our software we provide true transparency and enable electronics manufacturers to establish consistent workflows in all areas of material logistics.”

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