Wednesday, April 25, 2018
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Technic Offers New Fine Feature Microetch for Critical Adhesion and Cleaner Operation
TechniEtch 1688 Topography 3000X 
CRANSTON, RI - Technic Inc. has announced the release of TechniEtch 1688, a proprietary organic acid based copper microetch chemistry engineered to produce optimum adhesion of polymer coatings. TechniEtch 1688 improves yields of fine features with plating resists, etch resists or solder mask, especially where adhesion is critical under harsh conditions like HASL, ENIG, and Immersion Tin. TechniEtch 1688 also provides a more optimum and uniform copper surface appearance desired for AOI detection.
When compared to competitive products, TechniEtch 1688 provides better topography while removing less copper off the PCB and holding more copper in the etch solution. This translates into an increased number of panels per liter of solution, a reduction in the amount of waste requiring treatment, and improved visual inspection. TechniEtch 1688 makes fine resist features possible while reducing the environmental footprint of any PCB operation.
“TechniEtch 1688 provides the consistent micro-rough topography critical for adhesion, especially as resist features and solder dams go below 3 mils. Chemical cleaning with persulfate and peroxide based chemistries are reaching their limitation, resulting in resist breakdown and failed solder dams. TechniEtch 1688 makes it possible to get to the next level of technology.”
- Eric Stafstrom, Technic Global Product Manager

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