Friday, May 25, 2018
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EasyBraid Co. intros new in-line batch cleaning system from PBT
MINNEAPOLIS, MN — John Webber, National Sales Manager of EasyBraid Co., announced that the company has introduced a new in-line batch cleaning system from PBT Co. called MODULECLEAN.

Built for high capacity cleaning, MODULECLEAN is a flexible machine for cleaning PCBA, stencil and other cleaning tasks in the electronics industry. Based on long-term experience and thought-out design, the machine yields outstanding cleaning results from the most demanding applications in SMT technology (defluxing of low-residue and lead-free technology with the newest component package types).  Webber states, “The PBT cleaning machines provide the most up-to-date systems for high volume cleaning in the electronics industry today. Being in cleaning manufacturing for over 20 years, PBT leads the way in cleaning innovation.”

MODULECLEAN offers a wide range of process possibilities and combines various mechanical agitations to reach the optimal cleaning results. The options include US (Ultrasonic), SiA (Spray-in-Air), Sul (Spray-under-Immersion), Oul (Oscillation-under-Immersion), and Aul (Air-under-Immersion). According to customer requirements the MODULECLEAN can be designed as a modular system that can be built in a variety of configurations. The unique features are:

  • 100% filtration of the whole circulating volume of cleaner.
  • Rinsing process with DI water reclaim is fully integrated in the machine.
  • Lowest drag out of the fluid into the following step, due to powerful air knives, minimize consumption and cost.
  • Vacuum dryer allows fast and safe drying of sensitive components.

Complete process traceability is available.

Cleve Williams, EasyBraid’s Applications Engineer, is excited to add the MODULECLEAN to EasyBraid’s line of cleaning equipment. “PBT has continually demonstrated its ability to offer the best cleaning machines available in the market today. The MODULECLEAN not only saves on energy costs and consumption, but is also compatible with different cleaning agents, such as water-based solvents, semi-aqua solvents, or detergents. Our customers will be pleased with the many advantages the MODULCLEAN brings compared to other cleaning equipment in the industry.”

In addition to being a leading manufacturer of soldering and desoldering devices, EasyBraid Co. serves as a North American channel for other major worldwide technology companies such as SEC X-ray, PUREX Fume Extraction Systems, and ALeader Automatic Optical Inspection. For more information call 800--840--5394 or visit:

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