Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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Cirtronics Increases In-House Test Services
MILFORD, NH – Cirtronics Corporation, a provider of Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS), announces the addition of the Takaya 9411CE Flying Probe test system to their extensive list of test equipment available to their in-house engineering and test services.
 “Adding to our test solutions will allow us to grow our suite of test services” notes David Patterson, COO of Cirtronics. “Since we already have test engineers and technicians with experience running this equipment, it made sense to bring the equipment in-house.” he continued. Increase in customer demand for flying probe test services was part of the motivation as well. “We pride ourselves on being responsive to customer demand, and they are truly excited about this new addition,”  David said.
Flying Probe test is a cost effective way to provide for prototype verification. The Takaya 9411CE Flying Probe tester has established class-leading performance for most test requirements. Flying Probe testers have few restrictions on access, require no test fixtures, and can test boards with a virtually unlimited number of nets, allowing engineers to rapidly develop test programs.
From in-circuit test (ICT) to functional test and now flying probe, Cirtronics provides test access to even the most complex products. The Cirtronics technical engineering staff can assist with design, assembly, or duplication of unique test fixtures and provide board and system-level test at its facility. Cirtronics’ test development strategy can occur in parallel with OEM product development teams, or during production startup, from prototyping and NPI to full-scale product deployment.
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