Monday, April 23, 2018
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Unitronics Intros Modular Control Platform
Modular control platforms.
Quincy, MA — Unitronics has launched its new generation of control products — the UniStream platform. This new line is a result of over 20 years of PLC development experience combined with the strongest trends in automation. UniStream provides a combination of powerful dual CPUs (faster scan time, up to 2048 I/Os over 2MB of operand memory), a variety of high quality HMI touch panels, and effortless local and remote I/O installation.

This all-in-one modular system now gives any OEM or systems integrator a competitive edge in their efforts to cut costs, save space and lower the programming time.

Simple or complex, large scale or small, UniStream can be tailored to virtually any application. Users simply select their preferred HMI, snap on a CPU, and then snap on preferred I/Os to create an all-in-one controller. This enables users to select devices in the exact configuration that suits their precise application requirements.

According to the company, UniLogic studio software, the intuitive new programming environment for hardware configuration, control and HMI, cuts programming time by 50 percent by anticipating the programmer's intentions and by enabling the re-use of written code.

UniLogic allows the programmer to build a library of user-defined function blocks and HMI screens that can be imported into any new project and even shared with others. The software's wizards save significant time on definitions of I/O points, PIDs etc. The drag and drop, automatic line creation and re-use options of existing code make programming quick and easy. In addition, the extensive graphic library and HMI widgets enable the programmer to build HMI screens that appear as if they were designed by a graphic artist. Not only does UniStream cut overall system costs and programming time, it also simplifies data communication to an effortless configuration task that requires no programming at all. It supports RS485, CANopen, UniCAN, both serial and Ethernet MODBUS. The platform can also adapt to third-party protocols; USB hosts and serial ports support external devices such as modems, printers, barcode readers and more. USB Device also allows users to download their programs over USB.

Unitronics has also now introduced a paradigm change in the form of UniApps, an expanding library of value-added PLC embedded apps. The UniApps give users the ability to reach data, edit it, monitor, troubleshoot, debug the system and more. Lastly, as is required in today's world, the Unistream platform can be accessed remotely, through PCs, Tablets and SmartPhones using VNC (Virtual Network Computing), giving end users the full package they deserve. And as always, technical support and software for UniStream are free; this also includes all utilities and updates.

Contact: Unitronics Ltd., 1 Battery March Park, Quincy, MA 02169 866-666-6033 fax: 617-657-6598 E-mail: Web:

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