Monday, June 18, 2018
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Linear Stage from Equipment Solutions
Voice coil operated linear positioning stage.
Sunnyvale, CA — Equipment Solutions' Series of VCS-10 Voice Coil Stages are designed to provide sub-micron positioning, high acceleration, digital and/or analog position sensors, and are available with a 10mm clear aperture. These high acceleration stages (50 Gs no load), have 10mm of linear motion and <3 millisecond step response time.

The customizable VCS-10 linear position stages are suitable for high speed, high precision optical and laser focusing applications in: medical, semiconductor inspection and manufacturing, scanning microscopy, and micro machining/manufacturing.

The VCS-1010D linear position stage has a 10mm clear aperture and a 1µm resolution digital position sensor, with differential quadrature outputs and a center index pulse. The highly responsive, frictionless voice coil motor has been optimized to keep the moving mass as low as possible for the fastest response times, and it has the lowest electrical noise of any motor type.

These compact 76 X 41 X 38mm stages weigh only 255 grams and can be operated horizontally or vertically. Multiple sets of mounting holes allow for easy integration into new or existing applications. These versatile linear positioning stages can be custom configured to meet user requirements.

Contact: Equipment Solutions, 461 East Evelyn Ave., Sunnyvale, CA 94086 408-245-7161 fax: 408-245-7160 E-Mail: Web:

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