Sunday, May 27, 2018
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KardexRemstar Intros Purge Software
Computer screen shot showing purge software.
Westbrook, ME — New Purge Materials feature from Power Pick Global software allows users to readily "purge" materials from inventory that are no longer needed. Keeping outdated materials in inventory can take up valuable cube space and inflate inventory reports. Purging materials regularly can create better cube utilization and increase inventory accuracy.

With this new feature, materials can now be easily purged using any criteria. Previously, materials were purged one by one after manually sorting through inventory reports. Now, materials can be filtered by any criteria desired (such as expiration date) and easily purged.

In addition, storage devices using fixed location storage will continue to reserve a location for a part number that has a zero quantity. This new feature allows the user to filter these locations and purge this material to free up the fixed location, making room for another part.

Purging materials regularly provides better cube utilization within the storage device. When materials are stored past their useful lifespan, precious space is wasted. Inventory counts are also more accurate when outdated materials are removed.

Contact: Kardex Remstar, LLC, 41 Eisenhower Drive, Westbrook, ME 04092 800-639-5805 Web:

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