Monday, June 25, 2018
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Cardinal Intros Real Time Plus Functional Modules
Integrated real-time module.
Wayne, NJ — Cardinal Components, Inc. has introduced a functional module product line called Real Time Plus (RTP). RTP integrates a full-featured Real Time Clock with a two-wire I2C control, a RoHS Solid-State Battery (ENERCHIP® enabled), trickle charge recharging circuit, power management circuit, and a 32kHz watch crystal — all in an SMD package, also available in a plastic LGA. The RTP incorporates 8 Bytes of RAM and 2 Bytes of EEPROM for customers' application within a discrete plastic Surface Mount 10 x 12mm package.

Initial introduction includes three versions: the CRTPN05 with 4-day battery backup, the CRTPA12 with 20-day backup, and the CRTPA50 with 90-day backup. The Real Time Plus saves design time, board space and cost, and provides customers with the ability for further system integration.

These special features make this new product a good fit for a host of markets, including consumer electronics, industrial, commercial, aerospace, agricultural, medical, and military.

Applications include smart energy, eco-friendly, energy harvesting, micro-robotic vehicles, perimeter security, border intrusion networks, metering, wearables, instrumentation, aircraft monitoring, telemedicine and implantable medical devices and green technologies. Additional applications include ATMs, POS systems, surveillance and safety monitoring systems, data logging, time keeping/stamping, ticketing systems, portable and battery operated devices, white goods, and wireless networks.

Future products will also incorporate, EEPROM memory, oscillators, power management, communications interface, controls and other sensors integrated in a new plastic surface-mount style package.

Contact: Cardinal Components, Inc., Wayne Interchange Plaza I, 145 Route 46 West, Wayne, NJ 07470 973-785-1333 fax: 973-785-0053 E-mail: Web:

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