Saturday, May 26, 2018
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Leader Tech Releases Microwave Absorber Catalog
Microwave absorber catalog.
Tampa, FL — Leader Tech has published its first, full-line EA Microwave Absorber catalog. This technical guide includes a large selection of narrow and broad band materials for attenuation of frequencies ranging from 500MHz to greater than 40GHz. In addition, custom tuned formulations are available for target frequency problems at no additional cost.

The company's microwave absorbing materials are an easy-to-install, economical and highly effective solution for eliminating unwanted EMI or RF energy in many electronic applications. The magnetically or dielectrically loaded absorbers exhibit either high reflection or high insertion loss and convert unwanted energy into a minimal amount of heat. Common applications include aircraft seals and ducts, cavity resonance and radar cross section reduction.

Contact: Leader Tech, 12420 Race Track Rd., Tampa, FL 33626 813-855-6921 fax: 813-855-3291 E-mail: Web:

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