Tuesday, June 19, 2018
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Indium Intros High-Rel Flux Coating
Flux-coated solder preforms.
Clinton, NY — Indium Corporation has introduced a high-reliability, low-voiding flux coating for solder preforms. LV1000 reduces false failures while increasing productivity, throughput yields, and component performance. This new halide-free (ROL0) material is especially suited for assembly processes in which the components don't allow for proper outgassing of volatized flux. LV1000 provides a durable, level, clear coating that does not clog pick-and-place equipment, even in automated assembly processes. It offers complete coverage, even with a weight percentage as low as 0.5 percent.

Flux coatings provide consistent, uniform amounts of flux every time, with excellent control over the flux volume/weight percentage. The company's flux-coated solder preforms come in a variety of packaging and can be color coded. The flux coatings are applied to the outside of the preform where the flux is required, rather than in the core.

Contact: Indium Corporation, 34 Robinson Road, Clinton, NY 13323 315-381-7524 Web:

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