Sunday, May 27, 2018
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HITACHI Upgrades Flagship Mounter
Upgraded Sigma mounter.
Dallas, TX — The Hitachi Sigma G5 modular mounter has now been upgraded and enhanced to become the G5S mounter. The upgraded machine is reportedly faster, more accurate, and more capable than the G5. The new G5S provides higher speed and greater flexibility than its predecessor.

The new G5S offers a placement speed up to 75,000cph, high speed head accuracy down to 25µm,and multi-function head accuracy down to 15µm. According to the company, this is a machine in which Hitachi has literally doubled the accuracy of the placement heads. In addition to these enhancements, the G5S also utilizes the company's latest feeder technology, overdrive functionality, and other features.

The new machine can also accommodate maximum board sizes of 610 x 510mm (24 x 20-in.), for higher throughput volume of large boards and panelized assemblies, and can be equipped with self-loading SL component feeders. All feeders can be changed in seconds.

The new Sigma G5S is available in both High Speed and Flexible High Speed configurations. It utilizes a two-head placement system that offers the most flexibility in a single high-speed head and a multifunction head; two quick-change feeder bases that accommodate tape and stick feeders or quick change tray unit with tape feeders; and the industry's first "Overdrive Control System" whereby both heads can pick from each other's component supply and place on the same board simultaneously and without restriction.

Two other upgrades to the Sigma G5S are a maximum height for the multi-function head increase to 35mm, and an increased insertion force for the multi-function head from 50 Newtons to 100 Newtons.

Contact: Hitachi High Technologies America, Inc., P.O. Box 612208, Dallas, TX 75261-2208 972-615-9000 Web:

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