Sunday, June 24, 2018
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Fuji Releases Comprehensive Production Monitoring Software
Display provides overview of all manufacturing processes.
Vernon Hills, IL — Fuji Machine Mfg., Co. Ltd. has released Floor Insight, a new software system for monitoring quality and operating rates of all the lines in an entire factory. The software also offers powerful analysis tools and gives help in creating effective countermeasures.

Floor Insight comprises two main applications — Management Monitor and Defect Analyzing Master. The Management Monitor is designed specifically for administrators. It displays the operating condition of every line in the factory on one screen (including printers, SPI, component placers, reflow, and AOI. This makes it possible to check production progress at a glance and know immediately if there are delays at any of the lines.

For each of the parameters displayed on the screen, if any processes fall below preset tolerances, warnings are displayed or emails sent to the line manager to notify them of any problems. This enables administrators to quickly identify what is causing the delay in production and to remedy the situation right away.

The Defect Analyzing Master displays the production history for all machines, and is designed for maintaining quality. The application displays the production history of all machines in each SMT line (printers, SPI, component placement, reflow, and pre- and post-reflow AOI) allowing quick analysis of panels for which defects were detected during either SPI or AOI.

Until now, analyzing defect causes meant spending a lot of time sifting through the production history and settings in the separate systems of each machine. With Defect Analyzing Master, even production history and settings from other companies' machines can be displayed on the same screen, enabling fast and effective analysis.

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