Monday, June 25, 2018
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Autosplice Intros Direct Board Interconnect
High-reliability crimped connections.
San Diego, CA — Autosplice has expanded its Direct Board Interconnect Technology (DBiT) capabilities to encompass a widening range of application requirements. DBiT is an innovative process of terminating lead wires or flexible circuits directly on to a PCB. The process eliminates the need for costly connectors, while producing a high quality connection. DBiT connection types include: Wire to PCB; Component to PCB; Flex Circuit to PCB; Wire or component to flex circuit.

Direct connection of wire, component lead, or flex circuit is quickly and easily achieved with the use of a crimping system and requires no subsequent soldering steps to complete the connection. These DBiT techniques have the advantage of solderless operations that result in more reliable connections and higher shear/pull strength than a soldered connection. Solder-free DBiT techniques also avoid any re-heating of the PCB that can damage flex circuits or temperature-sensitive components.

Because automated DBiT equipment makes use of continuous-feeding of the splicing material, every interconnection can be placed precisely on the PCB without wasted motion or incurring any material waste or scrap. Not only does the technology eliminate soldering hassles and risks to both personnel and materials, DBiT connections result in production outputs that are significantly higher than hand-soldering, resistance and ultrasonic welding processes.

DBiT addresses the continuing challenges associated with interconnecting to and from printed circuit boards. Circuit densities are constantly increasing, thus requiring better ways of getting signals off of a board or moving signals directly from one board to another. Plus, the combination of higher performance product designs and the need for reduced power consumption is demanding more reliable board-to-lead connections for cleaner power and ground.

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