Monday, June 18, 2018
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Lockheed Martin Awards Trust Automation Contract for Motion Control System for Counterfire Radar Production
SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA - Trust Automation, Inc., the world’s leading developer of linear servo drives and creator of custom high precision motion control and system design devices for the defense and other industries, announced today that Lockheed Martin has awarded Trust Automation its third contract for the vehicle automation system for the AN/TPQ-53 (Q-53), a long range counterfire radar that provides soldiers with enhanced 360-degree protection from indirect fire.
“Trust Automation is honored to participate in creating advanced technologies that benefit our military,” said Craig von Ilten, Vice President of Business Development Trust Automation. “Trust Automation specializes in developing motion control solutions for complicated systems that have to perform in extreme climate and environmental conditions.”
Mounted on a five-ton truck, the AN/TPQ-53 can be automatically leveled, rapidly elevated, and remotely operated to rotate within intense accuracy guidelines from a laptop computer in harsh environmental conditions. Trust Automation developed the motion control systems that automatically level the vehicle, raise and rotate the counterfire radar.
Trust Automation has successfully demonstrated their capabilities on earlier development platforms of the EQ-36 system. As a direct result of the successful deployment of these systems, Trust Automation was awarded its the third manufacturing contract (after receiving the first two LRIP contracts) for Limited Rate Initial Production (LRIP3).
About Trust Automation
Trust Automation operates on a foundation of exceeding its customers’ expectations in automation systems, developing motor and motion control solutions for the defense, semiconductor, industrial automation, green tech, and medical industries. Trust Automation has almost 25 years of experience in; custom motors, controllers, motor drives and machine systems which meet the unique needs of its customers. Its product line includes; linear servo amplifiers, high performance servo motors, standalone motion controllers and amplifiers, custom assemblies and products to fit unique applications and ground-up system design and manufacturing solutions.

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