Wednesday, May 23, 2018
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Libra Industries invests in current business and future growth

(L): Greg Garwood, Libra’s Director of Supply Chain, (R): Bob Brooks, Sales Representative at Hanel

MENTOR, OHLibra Industries, a privately held electronics manufacturing services provider, announces that it has invested in two additional Hanel Rotomat Inventory Carousels (Model 946/349) and upgraded storage software. This expands the company’s current number of storage units from eight to 10; however, the new units come with increased storage and weight capacity. The new Hanel Rotomat units and upgraded storage software provide increased capacity, opportunity for increased efficiencies, and growth expansion for Libra’s current and future customers.

Each of the new Hanel Rotomat units will provide 18 multi-functional carriers with a payload capacity of 700lb. Each carousel has a total payload capacity of 12,600lbs, which expands Libra’s current capacity by 25 percent. This additional capacity will allow Libra to Lean out the existing floor plan and provide room for additional customer growth. Each carousel has one MP12N Microprocessor controller with complete inventory functionality, allowing for increased efficiency in regards to part retrieval via PN, shelf, etc. This functionality will allow for quicker material pulls and issuing of kits to the floor. The newly installed units will be loaded and fully operational in November.

As part of the expansion, Libra also invested in upgraded Hanel unit storage software on its existing eight units to align with the new ones. The new software provides increased inventory logic to allow stores associates to identify and stock materials more efficiently and effectively.  Additionally, the software allows Libra to increase the capacity of its existing units through better placement of parts in the carousels and provides increased efficiency when pulling materials that can be stored on the units. The new software further extends the life of the units on a supportability basis.

This investment will enable Libra Industries to continue to provide customized manufacturing solutions to help make its customers more competitive and improve their profitability. For more information, visit

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