Monday, June 25, 2018
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PROMATION to Launch European Sales Q1 2014
KENOSHA, WI  — A leader in the field of PCB Handling Equipment, Robotic Soldering Systems, Automated Label Placement, and other complimentary Custom Automation, PROMATION announces that its line of robotic soldering systems will have a formal presence in Europe beginning in 2014.

PROMATION, in cooperation with Etek Europe, will establish a soldering lab in South Ayrshire, Scotland during the first quarter of 2014 to promote and sell the company’s line of robotic soldering systems.

The TT and G Series robots can perform many soldering tasks typically associated with hand soldering but with greater repeatability. The platform has been designed to consistently perform and operate in cost-sensitive production environments and touts Lowest Cost of Ownership vs. competing systems.

Additionally, Etek Europe will announce a future date for a technology seminar that will be held at the company’s demo facility in Scotland.

Visit the company’s Web site at or contact directly at 262-764-4832

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