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Cobar Unveils New Solder Technologies
Solder paste.
Londonderry, NH — The Balver Zinn Group's Cobar Solder Products Inc. has introduced its BRILLIANT B2012 Solder Wire and OT2 Solder Paste. The solder wire is halide-free, rosin based and designed for manual and robotic soldering. B2012 is odorless and shows excellent soldering and wetting performance. The no-clean, halide-free solder wire was developed for lead-free rework and touch-up. B2012 is available in the alloys SN100C®, SAC305 (SN97C) and SAC387 (SN96C) with a standard flux content of 2.2 percent. Balver Zinn wires are available in diameters from 0.3 to 3.5mm. OT2 is Cobar's latest solder paste technology specially developed to meet continuously increasing customer requirements. The OT2 solder paste's optimized rosin based chemistry offers the best printing and wetting properties in Pb-free as well as SnPb. Because of the uniform paste flux technology for SnPb and Pb-free, it is easy to switch from SnPb to Pb-free. The solder paste is designed to achieve printing speeds up to 250mm/s for the most demanding throughputs. The combination of solvents and activators used in this paste returns a large process window for the reflow process. High yields can be achieved with fast conveyor speeds and short cycle times. Parent company Balver Zinn and Cobar offer solder bar, solder wire, solder flux, gel flux, cleaner and solder paste.

Contact: Cobar Solder Products, 53 Wentworth Avenue, Londonderry, NH 03053 603-432-7500 fax: 603-432-7519 Web:

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