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Crimp Force Monitoring — The Recipe For Success

Reliable wiring harnesses require proven assembly techniques, including proper crimping force. One of the tools that can help ensure effective wire crimps is the crimp force monitor (CFM), although many engineers and operators may have access to CFMs and may not be using them properly ...

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Efficient Fans Drive Cost-Effective Thermal Management in Enclosures and Cabinets

Electronic enclosures and cabinet systems continue to pack more power into smaller volumes, resulting in higher thermal loads per cubic foot. Thermal management for such systems can be challenging, requiring smaller and more efficient air-moving devices to disperse heat. AC or DC fans ...

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Germanium Not Phosphorus for Nickel-Doped, Lead-Free Solders

Removing lead from solder has raised the importance of micro-alloying elements and other chemical agents and compounds in modern electronic circuits. The large-scale changeover of the electronics industry to producing printed-circuit boards (PCBs) with lead-free solder has placed a ...

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Novel Guide Rails Aid Aircraft Noise Research

Aircraft noise is a major concern of students in the University of California at Irvine's Aeroacoustic Laboratory. Students within UCI's Aeroacoustic Laboratory recently worked with DryLin® T Profile Rail rail guides donated by plastics innovator igus®, Inc. as part of The Geared ...

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Pointing a Finger at Touch Screen Displays

Touch panel displays are an important part of many of today's electronic products. They provide a control interface for a wide range of electronic devices, as well as operating information for users in such products as portable computers and cellular telephones. Of course, as touch ...

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Select an Economical Cleaning Technology

Choosing a new cleaning process can be a challenge for any production engineer. Any new cleaning process is expected to be fast, safe, sustainable, versatile, and affordable, and to clean more with less. Industry regulators are constantly imposing new air-quality rules, new shipping ...

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Watch Out, 450mm Wafers Are Coming

Silicon is a key component in semiconductor manufacturing, and the diameters of silicon wafers have grown steadily over the years to keep pace with customer demands for higher volumes of devices at lower prices. Production equipment is available for wafers as large as 300mm diameter ...

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