Tuesday, April 24, 2018
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BPM Microsystems Launches 3800-MK2 Automated Programming System
HOUSTON, TX BPM Microsystems announces the release of the BPM model 3800-MK2. The new system was launched during the Productronica International Trade Fair in Munich, Germany.

The 3800-MK2 combines the fastest universal programming technology, 8th Gen, with a fine-pitch handling system capable of processing the broadest range of programmable devices, from the largest QFP to the smallest WLBGA.

“Our customers rely on BPM Microsystems to provide innovative solutions that will meet their needs today and anticipate their future requirements,” said Colin Harper, director of sales and marketing. “Our premium solutions are designed to program just about any device technology and form factor available. BPM’s 8th Gen products already offer the fastest programming performance. Now, with the new 3800-MK2 customers can quickly setup and reliably process the smallest programmable devices on the market today.  As programmable devices get even smaller, the 3800-MK2 will be ready to do the job.”

Applications for very small package (VSP) devices are accelerating and devices continue to shrink. The 3800-MK2 includes newly designed vision and pneumatic systems that provide this critical VSP support, achieving the required accuracy and repeatability for packages as small as 1 mm x 0.5 mm. With throughput capable of programming millions of devices per year, the highly configurable 3800-MK2 can simultaneously support tape, tray, tube and marking, all while maintaining a small footprint.

For more information about BPM Microsystems’ 8th Generation programming solutions, including the new 3800-MK2, visit www.bpmmicro.com www.bpmmicro.com.

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