Sunday, June 17, 2018
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Technical Devices Company receives Global SMT Award for Flood Box
MUNICH, GERMANY -   Technical Devices Company was recognized by Global SMT & Packaging for their technological achievement in cleaning for their Flood Box Technology.

Douglas Winther, president of Technical Devices Company, was on hand at Productronica to receive the award. As an innovator in aqueous cleaning, Douglas was honored to be recognized for another game changing advancement in cleaning - the Flood Box.

The Flood Box optimizes cleaning for low standoff components and high density circuit boards by literally flooding the board with agitated cleaning solution in the wash section and with DI water in the rinse section of the Nu/Clean family of inline cleaners. The Flood Box is integrated into the conveyor system without having to lower or raise the conveyor. This allows for superior cleaning results and a high throughput rate.

And because the Flood Box is self- contained, many manufacturers have found their chemistry usage in the wash section is greatly reduced. This is a significant chemistry cost savings and a significant environmental improvement for companies meeting EPA or AQMD standards.

Visit for more information, or to schedule a visit to Torrance, CA where Technical Devices can run your product through a Nu/Clean Flood Box machine.


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