Monday, June 18, 2018
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CHICAGO, IL - ACL Staticide’s static control products, programs, and test and measurement equipment help manufacturers succeed in eliminating static problems in virtually every area of operations and assembly. 

Today, ACL  announced the commercial introduction of their newest category of electronics rework and repair aerosol chemistry innovations. The new line includes innovative high performance contact cleaners, electronic degreasers, flux removers, conformal coating, and precision dusters and freeze sprays.

ACL’s complete line of high purity solvents are the most effective products made for critical cleaning and degreasing of electronics, electrical assemblies, and sensitive components. Each ACL Precision Rinse cleaning agent possesses unique properties suited to specific applications — from precision cleaning of solvent sensitive components to degreasing of electrical and electronic equipment.

? Printed circuit boards

? Electronics and electrical equipment; circuit breakers

? Precision measurement devices/meters; electronic controls

ACL knows flux removal is critical to insure reliable circuitry. Residues promote short circuits.  ACL Flux Out Flux Removers can be sprayed in any direction and are specially formulated to remove all types of rosin (types R, RA and RMA), no-clean, water soluble and synthetic (type SA) flux.

? Post-solder operations

? PC boards; Sensitive circuit components

? Component leads; SMD pads

Their newest aerosol contact cleaners, flux removers, and anti-stat coatings for plastics and dissipative coatings for floors, cover full range of applications at the benchtop.

ACL helps  manufacturers rid operations of efficiency-robbing contaminants without over-spending! Their product line of proven static control solutions is used in a broad range of settings including computer rooms, manufacturing, and high production environments as a cost-effective, reliable solution for eliminating static. 

As technology’s rapid advance continues, the need to clean and repair electronics while controlling static becomes more and more important in electronics benchtop rework and repair. ACL Staticide continues to innovate products to meet all cleaning and static conytrol needs.

For more information contact: ACL Staticde 840 W  49th Place  Chicago, IL 60609   : 800.782.8420  Fax: 847.981.9278

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