Sunday, June 24, 2018
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XJTAG Offers Free Boundary Scan Workshop
BOSTON, MA – XJTAG is running a free JTAG boundary scan training workshop at the Regus Waltham Centre, Massachusetts USA on Tuesday, December 3.

Taking a hands-on approach, the free workshop will be of interest to engineers in design, development, test and production, with a comprehensive introduction to JTAG boundary scan and the IEEE 1149.x standard.

XJTAG's workshop leaders will explain how JTAG boundary scan can be used from start to finish to improve designs and reduce respins as well as to enhance test coverage, fault diagnosis and production yields. The session will also cover how non-JTAG devices can be tested using boundary scan.

XJTAG saves you time and money during board development by allowing early creation of reconfigurable test scripts that can be used throughout the whole of production. 'The introduction to boundary scan is an ideal opportunity for engineers involved in design and manufacture to discover how using XJTAG can speed up the process of debugging and testing their boards throughout the product lifecycle,' Says Simon Payne, CEO XJTAG.

XJTAG is used across a variety of sectors by market-leading companies (designers, developers, OEMs and contract manufacturers) including Aeroflex, ARM, Curtiss-Wright, Imagination Technologies, Micron, and Thales.

To find out more and book your place for December 3, visit

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