Sunday, June 24, 2018
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CGI Americas named as Master Distributor for Ergo Scope HD high definition video microscopes
SANTA ANA, CA - CGI Americas today announced that the company has been awarded a master distributorship for the Ergo Scope HD high definition video microscope systems.
“Ergo Scope HD represents the most advanced technology in high definition microscopy” said Matt Holzmann, President of CGI Americas. The system is based upon a 1080p HD camera system with the highest resolution currently available. Performance improvements include a greater depth of field, auto-focus, higher magnifications ranges and superior image quality. The Ergo Scope HD is modular and available in bench top, extended arm, or X/Y head mounted versions.
Image capture technology enables documentation, while the optional Measu Ritetm software and annotation package offers several levels of measurement capability utilizing sub-pixel edge detection for superior accuracy. The Remote Livetm package allows the Ergo Scope HD operator to transmit real time images globally with videoconferencing over the internet.
For further information, please contact CGI Americas at (714) 545-7888 or at

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