Thursday, May 24, 2018
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Techspray Introduces XT-Armor Oven Shield. Innovative New Concept for Reflow Oven Maintenance
AMARILLO, TX - XT-Armor Oven Shield is a water-based, environmentally friendly mask coating that protects oven surfaces between scheduled maintenances. It is painted onto cooling zone surfaces, flux sticks to the coating, and then is peeled off - drastically reducing maintenance time.

Techspray has been developing and testing XT-Armor Oven Shield for over 2-years in cooperation with industry leading equipment manufacturers and EMS facilities. Field tests have shown an average reduction of 50% in maintenance labor and 25% reduction in equipment down-time. It has been successfully tested on the most popular oven and wave equipment manufactures:  BTU, Heller, JTU, SMT, Speedline and Vitronics-Soltec.

XT-Armor Oven Shield is ideal for closed-loop nitrogen ovens. It is intended for the cooling zones, where residue condensation is the worst. It can be applied to an oven's cooling chamber inner walls and surrounding areas, flux management system chamber walls, flux collection plate, inlet and outlet fan isolator plates. For wave soldering systems, it can be applied to the areas surrounding the spray fluxer unit.

XT-Armor Oven Shield is a light opaque blue when wet, and cures to a translucent dark blue. Coating can be cured at ambient temperatures or accelerated with the oven's heat-up cycle. Over a 4-6 week period, depending of oven usage, the coating changes to a dark teal, which means it is time to peel. Coating and flux residues then peel off easily.

XT-Armor Oven Shield is low odor, non-hazardous, non-flammable and easily washes-up with water. It is environmentally friendly with zero VOC, zero GWP, and no halides.

Techspray, a division of Illinois Tool Works (ITW), is a leading manufacturer of chemical products for the electronics industry. Techspray formulates, blends, and packages a wide variety of chemicals and assorted support products for the electronics industry, heavy industry, and plant and equipment maintenance including degreasers, defluxers, conformal coating, dusters and water-based cleaners.

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