Monday, June 18, 2018
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Huntron Workstation Software Powers Benchtop DMM
Workstation software powers DMM.
Mill Creek, WA — The Huntron Tracker and Huntron Workstation are recognized as the standard for power-off debug and troubleshooting of printed circuit cards. The organized systematic approach of the Huntron Workstation software is now extended to benchtop DMMs with the Workstation DMM module. The Workstation DMM Module enables users to create a predefined test plan, take measurements, compare to either a stored measurement or against a defined value and view the results of the test. Most of the DMM measurement functions such as DC/AC voltage, resistance, capacitance and frequency are supported.

The ability to store test measurements and document a specific test procedures allows for the sharing of knowledge among all users. Tests can be duplicated and modified to accommodate PCB revision changes. Huntron Workstation provides test measurement and storage capabilities that no other stand alone software package offers. Upgrading to a fully automated system using robotics flying probers is fully supported.

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