Wednesday, May 23, 2018
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Laird Intros Wireless Charging Coil Modules
Charging coil.
Chesterfield, MO — Laird has introduced its RWC5353 Series Wireless Charging Coil Modules, which improve efficiency and performance while minimizing electromagnetic interference (EMI) in wireless charging devices.

The new RWC5353 modules are transmitter coil modules that meet the Wireless Power Consortium's (WPC) Qi standard, the global standard for wireless charging. With more than 20 million people using Qi-phones, the market for wireless charging devices is poised for explosive growth.

The new wireless charging devices use ferrite material 28, which is not only WPC recommended but also improves reliability. The power transmitter in the new modules is A1 compliant and can support up to 5 Watts of power transfer. This complete solution has a high Q factor for maximum wireless power charging efficiency and is designed for extended operating temperatures of -40 to +85°C. Wireless charging technology requires two coils, a transmitter and a receiver. An alternating current is passed through the transmitter coil in the charging device, generating a magnetic field. This results in a voltage in the receiver coil which can be used to power a mobile device or charge a battery by simply placing it close enough to the charging device.

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