Wednesday, April 25, 2018
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Intelligent EAO Sound Module Adjusts to Ambient Noise
Intelligent sound modules.
Milford, CT — EAO Corporation has developed an unusual, intelligent, configurable sound module to alert people for potentially dangerous situations, such as in automatic train doors, pedestrian crossings, and mechanical door lifts.

Research has shown that standard warning sound modules tend to be pre-set at high volume to cope with loud environments. But during quieter periods, these preset levels can be loud and distracting. With the new, self-adjusting Series 56 Multi-Tone Sound Module (MTSM), EAO solves this problem with a device that's capable of automatically adjusting its volume to counteract ambient noise. It's never too loud or too quiet — always just right. The new MTSM detects background noise and adapts its volume to be a pre-defined number of decibels above ambient noise levels (+2 or +8dB, others on request).

Flexible configuration allows for customized warning sounds to be created for different situations — door opening, door closing, hazardous warnings. There's a choice of six, pre-configured tone sequences that can be set to play at different intervals, durations and repeats.

The setup process for each installation is fast and easy. New tone sequences can be easily and quickly created by the end user with the supplied tone editor program. For rail customers, a set of pre-configured TSI PRM compliant sounds are readily available. These sound modules are compact with an outside possible diameter of just 43mm (depending on mounting style). Both raised conical or flush styles are offered along with front/rear panel or glass mounting versions. Design and dimensions are shared with other Series 56 products which creates a continuous appearance and ease of implementation.

The standard model is protected to IP69K, making it suitable for use in trains and transport applications where durable, robust construction is needed to meet the rigors of public interaction.

Contact: EAO Switch Corp., 98 Washington St., Milford, CT 06460 203-877-4577 fax: 203-877-3694 E-mail: Web: or

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