Monday, May 28, 2018
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Beckhoff Embedded PC Enhances Comm Flexibility
Embedded PC for flexibility.
Savage, MN — To increase small industrial controller flexibility and connect to a wide range of industrial Ethernet systems, the new CX8093 Embedded PC from Beckhoff Automation is equipped with a PROFINET interface and the option to integrate a virtual device. The DIN rail mounted CX8093 is economical, remarkably small and equipped with a 400MHz ARM9 CPU for ultra compact PC-based control.

The CX8093 is suitable as a standalone controller for a wide range of industrial applications in smaller size machines or systems and can be used as a tie-in to larger PROFINET systems. The Embedded PC is equipped with a PROFINET RT device interface designed as a 2-port switch for daisy-chain cabling. A special feature is the added functionality of a virtual device which can be used to double the process data size or to connect a second controller.

When the optional virtual device (slave interface) is activated, the embedded PC behaves like two PROFINET devices. Accordingly, the CX8093 can process twice the amount of PROFINET process data. The network name of the "two" devices can be set using the address switch or in software using TwinCAT System Manager. The IP settings are allocated by the PROFINET controller.

A further benefit of the virtual device is the ability to communicate with a second PROFINET controller, which is a simple way to increase system availability. On the one hand, the CX8093 (as a local controller) can verify the two incoming master signals by means of a plausibility check to monitor the function of the cabling. On the other hand, failure of one of the masters can be detected and the second master can respond accordingly.

The space-saving embedded PC measures only 65 x 100 x 80mm. It runs Windows CE 6.0 and incorporates a 400MHz ARM9 CPU, 64MB RAM and a MicroSD card with up to 4GB storage capacity. The company's IP 20-rated I/O, including Bus Terminals and EtherCAT Terminals can be connected directly to the CX8093. During start-up, the CX8093 automatically detects which of these I/O systems is connected. Another special feature is a capacitive 1-second UPS that enables persistent data to be saved in the event of a supply voltage failure. The controller is programmed using TwinCAT PLC automation software.

The company is developing the CX80xx series to include a wide range of other popular bus systems such as EtherCAT, Ethernet, EtherNet/IP, PROFIBUS, BACnet/IP (for building automation), CANopen and OPC UA.

Contact: Beckhoff Automation LLC, 13130 Dakota Ave., Savage, MN 55378 952-890-0000 fax: 952-890-2888 E-mail: Web:

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