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Ensinger Unveils 2 Plastics for Wafer Production
Highly machinable plastics for semicon manufacturing.
Nufringen, Germany — Plastics processor Ensinger has launched two new materials for the semiconductor industry — TECATRON® CMP and TECAPEEK® CMP product lines which have been developed specifically for components used in the chemical mechanical planarization process (CMP). One of the key steps used in silicon wafer production, CMP imposes stringent demands on the mechanical properties and chemical resistance of high-performance plastics. The CMP process involves the use of different slurries which take a heavy toll on the handling components used. The new PPS material, TECATRON CMP, demonstrates higher abrasion and wear resistance compared to the predecessor product. In combination with material-specific resistance to chemicals and solvents, these improved tribological properties help extend the service life of the plastic components used, with reduced placement and downtimes resulting in lower costs per wafer.

The use of special slurries can bring about extreme mechanical loads. Under these tough conditions, TECAPEEK CMP provides the suitable material. This new PEEK product is characterized not only by its higher ductility and dimensional stability, but also by its excellent resistance to wear and abrasion.

The benefits of the new material include improved machinability making for shorter processing times. Productivity is also significantly improved by the minimal degree of deburring work required.

These two new developments are well suited for manufacturing retaining rings. These components require extreme processing precision and dimensional stability in order to reduce the occurrence of microscratches in wafers and ensure a higher yield of usable ICs.

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